Thankful for Small (BIG😉) Conveniences

It started out as a lovely day for the hubby and me with yummy lunch at a favorite, Southern-cooking, local diner where you see long lost cousins and catch up on all of their family and how you are related. And yes, that is a cooking classification here in Alabama and most of the Southeastern US which includes cooked to utter tenderness veggies and lots of fried meats but I digress. Then we took a lovely stroll through a local chain store.

Why the details? I’ve not been out much lately, cooked much and certainly not strolled thanks to a slow, foot surgery recovery. So I suddenly realized I was actually walking without pain (Yay!!!) through the store for the first time in over 3 months and in my heart I was full of thanks to the Lord!

Unbeknownst to us, back at the house a minor disaster had occurred. Our Bama Kitty is aging and has upper gastrointestinal (GI) issues but I will spare you the details. And a few years ago we found one of those robot vacuums on sale and it has been very helpful especially with my various foot issues. I appropriately named it Dusty 😉. When upper GI issues and robot vacuums cross paths it’s not a pretty site but again, I will spare you the details. Our lovely day ended on a disgusting note and suffice it to say we had a lot of work to do and a lot of time to think while doing that work.

First of all I considered the ironies in life. I have elaborated often on the Scriptures telling us to give thanks and even recently posted that my theme verse at present is “in all things give thanks” 1 Thessalonians 5: 18. I began to think about how in the world could I give thanks in this disgusting situation. I may have actually asked the Lord that very question. Having a vivid imagination, I can now envision the Lord having a good chuckle while reminding me that nursing and pets, both rewarding yet can have disgusting moments, have helped me overcome a truly physical response to such experiences. And the Lord is also reminding me that He gifted me with a great sense of humor in which to see these situations (although it took a few days). And for all of that, I thank the Lord very much!!!

So here are some small, yet really BIG, conveniences I thought of:
1. Paper towels … What in the world did folks do before paper towels?
2. The internet …. A wealth of information that can give you instructions on how to do just about anything; even disassemble a robot vacuum.
3. Tools … especially those appropriate to clean Dusty.
3. A sink and a chair in which to use while disassembling & cleaning Dusty. I mean really … sitting devices with 4 legs, nor sinks, have been around forever.
4. Bleach … it destroys all manner of germs.
5. Disposable gloves … no need to elaborate.
6. Warm, running water … again, no need to elaborate.

I could go on and on but I won’t bore you. After 3 1/2 hours (yep, it took that long), I was thinking, Bama Kitty is definitely worth the work but I’m not so sure about Dusty. 😉😆

Bama Kitty informing me that the bowl needs fresh water.
He’s such a cute kitty 😻.

Dear friends, hopefully this little episode will not make you nauseous but will bring you a smile or even a chuckle and maybe even help you to give thanks in the small things. I did think of two more notable thanks… this minor disaster involved upper GI issues and not the lower ones (yuk) and for my mother, who often has to remind me to not be so graphic in my story telling … you might want to thank her too because I really worked hard to keep this presentable 😜😆 (Love ya Mom 😘)!

God bless you bunches!
Kim 🥰😻❤️

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