About Loving Our Enemies 🐶😻

Our Sweet Little Buddies 🥰😻🐶

I was scrolling through my photos and saw this recent quick snapshot of Abby-Pup and Bama-Kitty. They are such good buddies and really love each other. Bama likes to go out on the front porch and it worries Abby half to death until he’s back inside safe and sound.

The thought that came to my mind first and foremost was how traditionally dogs and cats are enemies…. Not so here or at my Mom’s house! Now our first dog did hate cats and sadly attacked one. (That hurts me still.) Now you may think I was a little nutty but I started praying about her cat hatred when we rescued a tiny kitten and brought her home. God answered my prayer and Dixie-dog’s heart really was changed toward little Tinker-Kitty. They became the best of friends. I was a young adult then and truly, that answered prayer increased my faith in God. That change also helped me learn to pray more … big issues and small. And God grows my faith with His answered prayers, and His delays too … we shall chat about that another time.

Dear Friends, I asked in faith and saw God change a little dog’s heart. I mean really! He made them. He can change them and He can change our hearts too! So here’s the thing, I just don’t believe The Lord would have told us to love our enemies if He couldn’t help us do that.

I’ve asked in faith many times for help with a relationship issue. God has always been faithful! Sometimes there was a quick change. Sometimes it took years (those required persistence and often a change in my own heart 😉) but God has always been and is faithful in His help.

If you don’t struggle with relationship issues or have any enemies, then praise the Lord! But if you are like the majority of folks and struggle with relationships or have true enemies, ask The Lord to change not only their heart, but change your heart too. He is faithful and He will grant you what you need to do what He wants you to do! I’ve seen him change hearts and lives … even a little dog’s heart 🥰❤️🐶😻

So this little event may not seem theologically sound and you may roll your eyes at such a comparison. That really doesn’t bother me. I’m just sharing what I’ve experienced and I’m sharing it because The Lord put this on my heart. And just maybe we can learn a little from some of God’s other creatures. ❤️

Jesus said …

Love your enemies.

Love one another.

He will help you! I know from experience! 😊

Have a blessed day!

Kim 💕🐶😻❤️🥰

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