The Wasp in the House

So it started with the wasp that got in the house on a recent summer evening. My hubby had been stung while trimming the bushes only a few days prior and he was bound and determined to kill that wasp before getting another sting. We went in search of the fly swatter or fly flap or whatever you may call it … You know … that piece of plastic on the end of flimsy wire that is just strong enough to swat, or kill, a small insect, yet when wielded with the right amount of force it can easily remove everything off of a counter. One must take care while using a fly swatter, but I digress… The swatter normally resides on top of the refrigerator and way out of view. (I’ve reworded this several times. I hope you get the picture).

Well, we found the swatter but could not reach it so together we tugged and pulled on that refrigerator until it was completely free from it’s cubby. Not only did we find 2 fly swatters, but we found way too much dust and too many dust bunnies. I Was Mortified! Then I was overcome with shame and guilt over my pathetic housekeeping over the last few years. All of that dust had accumulated in my kitchen, the place that should be cleanest in my house, YUK. Out came the vacuum cleaner and after a while, a little portion of my world was back in order.

I know some of you could care less about dust bunnies but some of you are grossed out too. In my defense, I’ve really not been well enough to deep clean for a while yet I still fuss at myself for not keeping up with my housework and then I am overcome with guilt and regret for not living up to the standards I have for myself.

Being behind on my housework is just one of the many things that cause me guilt and regret. My greatest regret is not being able to help my family and friends as needed. Maybe some of you have found yourself with similar regrets and guilt. Life throws you a curve ball and makes you reprioritize. Sometimes, the energy once used for tasks has to be used just to get a shower… go to the doctor… hook up your IV meds (personal experience), etc.

I am learning to not be too hard on myself.
I am learning to accept the way things are in the moment.
I am learning to do the best I can with what I have at the moment.
I am learning to pray to sometimes just to make it through the moment.
I am learning to keep trusting the Lord.
I am learning.

I encourage you … do not be too hard on yourself. Dealing with life issues takes a lot of extra energy. This I know … God provides what we need when we need it. He knows exactly what we are going through and He cares! He wants to help us through the hard stuff of life.

Recently God has blessed me with some restored health and I am so very grateful. I still struggle but the resistant infections are under control so I am trying to make the most of this time He has granted. The main thing right now is to share with you that God is with you. He knows you. He loves you. He sent Jesus to die for our sins and give us eternal life with Him. We have hope for the future, peace and comfort for the present.

Dear Lord, thank You for sending us Jesus to save us. Thank you for Your many blessings. I pray for all who read these words that they too may know You and Your peace and be encouraged.

After our wasp and refrigerator adventure was over, my hubby said “Well Kim, like they say, one thing leads to another.” We had a wasp that led to some much needed cleaning and now, hopefully, a little humor and encouragement for your day. I am grateful.

By the way, we never saw that wasp again 😄😄😄

Have a blessed day with some hope and a dash of humor,
Kim 😃💕

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