Being A Person of Blessing

So I woke up in a little funk today. Not sleeping well does that to me. As I was reading the Scripture for my devotional, it occurred to me that I was looking at the words but not really paying attention to them. I recalled some really good advice that I have heard repeatedly over the years … ask the Lord to speak to you through His word before you read it. So I did that then reread the words …

A person of blessing will be enriched,
and he who gives water also will be refreshed.
Proverbs 11: 23, The Lexham English Bible

That really hit me like a rock … in a good way. 😊

I like the way the Lexham English Bible version puts this … a person of blessing … It’s not conditional on whether or not I have slept well or on my circumstances. It is so easy for me to stay in grump mode, especially when I am tired. But really, I am to be a person of blessing.

It was actually that 2nd phrase that hit the hardest … “and he who gives water also will be refreshed”. I need that refreshment often and here is one way the Lord will refresh me … give and be refreshed.

I’m a firm believer in giving of my time, my talents, and my funds, but I can also give of myself … I can give kindness, consideration, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, a smile. It all boils down to God’s Love. I can show God’s Love and be a blessing and then I can experience the benefit of being refreshed. And just to be honest, it makes me happy to say or do something to bless someone else or brighten their day. Actually now that I think about it: Showing God’s Love fulfills something deep within me and refreshes my soul. Hmmm, I think I will ponder that concept deeper and share another time. 🧐😊

I hope that you too can experience God’s word, His love and His refreshment through being a blessing. 😊

Kim 💕

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