A Dash of Sweetness

My Post Surgery Sweet Little Buddies

I hope this sweet photo will grant you a smile today. The Little Buddies were concerned and offered their sweetness after my back surgery this week. Animals never cease to amaze me with their ways to express their affections. Maybe that’s some of God’s goodness showing through them … I like to think so whether such is theologically sound or not. 😉🐶😻❤️

The surgery has made concentration a little difficult 🤪 but hopefully my brain will be ready to share more of God’s goodness before long. God has been with us and provided for us through a tough time. We are so grateful to Him. 🙌

You really can’t know this but you friends are dear to my heart and remain in my thoughts and prayers. Above all, I hope you know the love of Jesus. ❤️✝️

Have a blessed week,

Kim 💕🐶🐱❤️🙌🙏

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