Lessons Learned from Abraham’s Servant

Greetings from chilly Alabama! Despite our cloudy and cold (for Alabama 🥶) day, my heart is content and I am very grateful to be posting again about the goodness of God!

So our church is encouraging us to read through the Bible this year. I usually study by focusing on a particular passage, theme or book but my hubby’s enthusiasm with this has helped me tackle this method (I’ve only done this one other time and with no shame I admit that it took 2 years to complete). I am learning a lot! We are each following a commentary, his by J. Vernon McGee and mine by Warren W. Wiersbe (see note below for more info). We are learning a lot so I share all of this to encourage you too to find a good Bible commentary to reference in your studies. You will be amazed at how the Lord opens His word to you.

One of my favorite Biblical folks is Abraham’s servant (see Genesis 24 for a really good read 😊). He is never named, yet God gives us his story of obedience and faithfulness. I really like this guy and look forward to meeting him in Heaven some day.

Genesis 24 is the story of Abraham’s servant being commissioned to travel back to the original home place in Mesopotamia, find a bride and bring her back to Isaac. Commentaries tell us that this passage is a picture of Jesus and His bride, the church. I love all of that but what stands out to me about this passage is the servant. So here are a few thoughts …

The servant is never named but his actions speak volumes. First, he made a commitment to Abraham (v. 2).

He was obedient to Abraham’s instructions and followed through with the task at hand … a very long journey with unknown outcomes.

He sought God’s help and guidance.

This servant would not be distracted … he wouldn’t eat until he discussed the business at hand (vv. 33-49). Then he would not tarry. He wanted to complete his task despite the family requesting that he hang around for a while (v. 56).

This servant gave God praise many times throughout his task.

I have a bad habit of procrastination. I tend to wait too long to tackle a necessary task then I can easily be distracted. The Lord really spoke to me as I read verse 56 …

“Do not delay me, since the Lord has prospered my way (v. 56 NASB).”

Then the Lord told me to share this with you so I shan’t ‘delay’. I don’t know if this will speak to your heart or not. That’s up to The Lord. But like the servant, I don’t like attention and care not if I am anonymous, I share my name on these posts only because you are my friends; I just want to be obedient, be faithful, finish the task at hand, not be distracted (I’ll call mom after proofreading this 😉), to not delay and to always give God praise.

Thank You Lord for Your Word and speaking it to our hearts!!!

Prayers that our Lord bless you bunches,

Kim 💕😊

Just a comment on our commentaries 😉 … These are easy to read, great commentaries for laypeople, teachers, and pastors .…

”The Wiersbe Bible Commentary, The Complete Old Testament in One Volume”, by Warren Wiersbe, 2007, published by David C. Cook, (found for a great price on Amazon).

“Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee” 5 volume set, by J. Vernon McGee, 1982, published by Thomas Nelson Inc.

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