Doing All Things “Through” Christ

Good Morning from Alabama where we have Spring time temperatures and blooming plants today 🌸🌷 and a threat of snow flurries ❄️☃️ in the morning! Alabama weather is kind of like life … things can be moving along beautifully then all of a sudden we have a change that upsets everything! 😳😫

Both the hubby and I have had some of those unexpected changes recently. Learning to live with new health issues is a challenge in itself. I recently developed very unexpected heart issues and have had quite a time adjusting to the new meds, odd pains, interrupted sleep (actually that happens a lot but anyway) and little energy. And along with all of that, I have found that my daily time in The Word and in prayer has been lacking.

Then I get grumpy. 😣

I’m impatient, not always loving and kind … basically, I’m not living with the fruit of the Spirit because I’m not walking close enough to The Spirit to have the fruit! It “gets my goat” which is an old saying meaning I Am Aggravated! And yes I get aggravated at myself, especially when I realize that yet again, I have lapsed. 😠

I can not live as Christ wants me to live if I don’t spend time with Him daily. I have to intentionally choose to spend time with Him and live as He desires, or in other words “do His will”. And I am learning that I have to apologize to The Lord for my lapses (apologize to my hubby too and sometimes even Bama kitty and Abby pup 😉). Then it’s time to get back in the Word and spend time in prayer everyday and throughout the day. Sometimes this is not easy even in the best of situations. But like many of you, I am learning …

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4: 13

Dear friends, let’s all remember this verse. And let’s remember that He will strengthen us to face the hard things and Do the right things!

God be praised for loving us, teaching us, strengthening us and helping us!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Kim 😊💕

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