Sacrificial Thanksgiving

“He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me”

Psalm 50: 23a

“How is thanksgiving a sacrifice?” I asked myself after reading this verse. I thought thanksgiving was typically a joyful experience. A few days later, I learned a valuable lesson.

It was a day when it one thing got straightened out then another reared it’s ugly head! And truthfully, I was getting a little weary with the whole process. Do you ever feel like that?

Then, I remembered the “sacrifice of thanksgiving”. I stopped and realized that this was a time for sacrificial thanksgiving. And then I thought, “I really don’t want to offer thanks right now.” But I determined to make myself stop and thank God. I remember thinking about how, in that moment, it seemed very hard to give thanks. It felt like a sacrifice because it took a major effort at a low point in life. But I did it and my heart was more at peace. It was not easy to give thanks in that moment, but I did it. I made myself give Him thanks. My troubles did not vanish, but God never promises that they will. But God did give me His peace and helped me deal with the issues at hand.

Skipping forward in time … I wrote the above a few months ago and for some reason, never finished or posted it. I found it and thought of what a good reminder it was for me today. It made me stop and think 🤔… I honor God when I give Him the sacrifice of thanksgiving… when I thank Him, He is honored. I needed that reminder today and maybe it will be a word of encouragement for someone else too.🙂

God bless you,


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