Funny Followup to the Sneaky Snake Story

Earlier today, after I posted my Sneaky Snake Story (or thought I had, but that’s to be addressed later…), my husband came into the house with a photo and a warning …

“Kim, I was under the deck and just thought you should know that I found this wrapped around some of your flower pots.”

Before I realized it, he stuck a photo in my face that nearly startled me half to death!!! There around some of my unused and stacked flower pots was a recently shedded, snake skin. I know it’s recent because I saw those pots just 2 days ago and the surrounding space was clean! After I recovered from the shock enough to catch my breath, I asked if he had gotten rid of it. He answered me with a sincere and sweet question, full of concern for my well being … “Do you want to move it as part of overcoming your fear of snakes?”

My horrified and immediate response … “NO!” And later I explained … “No! Not while I’m on steroids! My nerves can’t take it!” (Just a note, steroids for asthma always make me jittery and I’ve been taking them for a week. I’m a jittery, trembly mess on these things 😵‍💫 but I sure am breathing better, thank the Lord!😃)

Later, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I reconsidered the whole incident. I thought he was asking because I had just posted the first Sneaky Snake story and it was fresh on his mind. But actually no. The story had snuck off into cyberspace and didn’t really post. Weird how these things happen. But as my official Editor and Chief Proof Reader, he knows I have been working on the story for some time and he has proofed it beyond count. My hubby also knows what a struggle this has been for me all my life and he was just trying to help. He doesn’t want me walking in fear either! I mistakenly thought he was being sarcastic and kind of “rubbing salt into my wounds” which is not kind of me because sarcasm is not in his nature. Looking back, he didn’t even realize the mixup or lost in cyberspace business. I can see the humor in the mix-up now. But I still apologize to my hubby for misunderstanding his intentions and ask him to please blame my jittery self on steroids. And in retrospect, I’m glad this all happened because I also realized the original post didn’t go through!

Here’s the hard part of this … Confession time… This may have been a humorous communication mixup but it made me realize that I’ve been thinking that I’ve completely overcome that snake fear and maybe even been a bit proud about it. Just a note to myself … Remember the verse… “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall” Proverbs 16: 18 …

Here I had been posting about overcoming this snake fear and then I nearly jumped out of my skin at a mere photo of a snake skin. Once again God has reminded me of a lesson I thought I had learned … I can’t be proud in my own self about overcoming this fear. Rest assured, I would have fallen had I been the one to see that skin first! Absolutely and Always Give God His credit, give Him His Praise! 🙌 I know that winning this fear fight is purely His doing and none of my own. I also realize that I may always have some level of over-reaction and fear of snakes, but God is helping me and I am thankful for His Grace, lessons, and His humor in yet another Faith Walk! 🙌

I’m also thankful that my hubby is heading outside right now to get rid of that sneaky snake skin! Bless his heart!!! 🥰

Have a blessed day with Hope and a little humor!🙂

Kim 🙂💕

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