A Dash of Little Buddy Blessings

The Little Buddies were just too cute this morning as we headed for shots and baths. I think Bama Kitty was more ready to get out of his carrier than ready to leave 😉. A remarkable little blessing happened as we headed up the highway. Mr Bama is typically very unhappy during rides but today was different. A lovely recording of the song “Beulah Land” was playing on the Bluegrass station. I started singing along softly as this is an old favorite that my daddy used to sing. Immediately, Bama settled down and meowed softly. Miss Abby calmed down and it was the most peaceful drive we three have experienced together. Then anytime the music stopped, the Little Buddies would fidget and fuss until I tuned in to more of God’s music.

For years I’ve had favorite “go-to” music to soothe my soul and refocus my thoughts. And come to think of it, those songs are all God’s music. I think it’s neat that God soothes the Little Buddies through His music too.

Have a day with surprise blessings along the way,

Kim, Abby Puppy and Bama-Kitty 🐶😻💕💕💕

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