Blessing the Lord in Tough Times

It was not a visit I ever wanted to make. I never dreamed my mother would have a rare cancer. She’s battled high blood pressure most of her adult life so, as a nurse, I thought that would remain her biggest health battle. But here we were, planning to see a specialist for this rare cancer. We have known the diagnosis for a few weeks and we still feel stunned and unsure of what to think or feel.

So as I’m getting my stunned self ready to go with my mother and sister to the specialist, my loving Lord gave me a verse …

“I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth”. Psalm 34:1

So I did …. I blessed the Lord and reaffirmed that I know He is in control no matter what and I will not turn from Him because my mother has a terrible disease. If anything, I will turn to Him more … more in prayer and more in reading my Bible. The Scripture is the main way He speaks peace to me so as I repeated that verse several times to myself, I began to sense His precious peace. He is with us and He will guide us. And I will continually “bless the Lord at all times.”

Dear friends, we appreciate your prayers at this time. Thank you for following along with Hope and a Dash of Humor … Humor may be a little scarce right now, but we always have Hope in our Loving Lord Jesus!

May the Lord bless you, and may you bless Him,

Kim 💕🙏

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