About Hope …

“Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up” Luke 18: 1 NIV

This little recognized verse is an all time favorite and resides on my prayer list to remind me that there is always HOPE! The Scripture is full of verses on hope that touch our hearts and encourage us through our faith journeys. Here is a simple, introductory sentence used by Dr Luke when Jesus taught the disciples about the Persistent Widow. It transformed my prayer life and my life outlook… “always pray and not give up”… that means HOPE!

Dear friends, as believers we have an eternal hope that no matter what, God has us in His hands. I take so much comfort in knowing that regardless of the curve balls in life, God loves me and knows what I need and I don’t have to worry about the future. Whatever happens, as the old song says, “My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness”.

Keep praying dear friends, knowing that regardless of what you face, God knows, He loves you and all you have to do is keep trusting Him. Build that trust in Him through reading the Word and as Paul says, “pray without ceasing”. He has been faithful to me over and over and I know He will be faithful to you

Blessings, Kim

By the way, may I encourage you to read Luke 18… good stuff! 😊

About that Humor …

Hello and Welcome to my Blog “Hope and a Dash of Humor”!

Learning can be incredibly frustrating and incredibly fun. I’ve been overwhelmed, and even scared stiff sometimes, with starting this Blog. But now… here she is, up and running.

So the first thing my mom asked is how to get to the blog. Come to think of it, I hadn’t a clue 😳. My Word! Here we are and I don’t know how to get it to my loved ones who have encouraged me and prayed for me. Needless to say I figured it out and have chuckled at myself once again. All part of the process of learning I guess.

I really appreciate the God given gift of humor and the ability, maybe even the gift, of being able to laugh at myself. Seeing humor in life has helped me in the process of dealing with tough stuff. Some have said that I laugh too much, or too loud, or too easily. That’s ok. At least I have a little fun along the way whether it be rough and rocky or soft and smooth.

Truthfully, there have been times of deep heartache and times of severe illness, that were so hard that humor seemed far away. But God is faithful and He directs my gaze elsewhere. Even our sweet pup, Abby, doing something funny makes me smile or laugh. Humor comforts me in that way.

Meet Happy Abby, our sweet Pup 🐶💖

Anyway, to wrap this up, as we are made in the image of God, I believe He has an awesome sense of humor… after all, He is an awesome God! I’m convinced that our time in Heaven will be a blast (no disrespect intended) and we will have times of laughter and joy. No more tears as the Word tells us. I hope that our Lord shows you humor in life, especially in these hard times and you draw ever closer to Him

Blessings, Kim

My Story

Welcome! And Thank You for checking out my new adventure with this Blog thing! I’d like to share a little of my story because WordPress said that was a good idea but also because I have been blessed with a lot, and in particular, poor health. Sounds crazy I know. But see, God has allowed a lot of hard stuff to teach me, remake and remold me and grant me Hope! Now, it’s time to share with you. So briefly, here’s my story…

Even as a kid, I loved working with kids. My nursing school days focused on pediatrics to the point that I realized I loved working with kids with special needs and their families. God blessed me with great jobs in that area and with the honor of working with some of the very best therapists, teachers, nurses, doctors, and especially, families.

Then I got started getting sick. Working with kids, I couldn’t avoid the illnesses. An immune system deficiency was diagnosed and adult onset asthma decided to bless me (sarcasm intended there… or maybe not…). I missed a lot of work and that wasn’t fair to my families or coworkers.

So, I gave up a wonderful career, one of the hardest decisions I ever made. I had hoped to get better in order for my hubby and me to start a family. Well, that didn’t happen either. I mean, really… how many women have to resign from a job they love in order to get well enough to have a baby? Not many. There were good times and hard times but the health issues mounted. Eventually we had to make some very tough decisions and I may share about all of that later but in a nutshell, I wasn’t healthy (or young) so we gave up on having a family.

The past few years have been even more challenging as I’ve had resistant respiratory infections that could only be treated with IV antibiotics at home for months at a time. But through it all God has been with me in ways sometimes difficult to describe. He has carried me, taught me, allowed me to be broken so He could make me into a person who relies on Him more each day. He has never left me. He has taught me to hope. So like Paul in the Bible says “I have learned to be content in all things” …(well, most of the time but we will chat about that another time).

A few years back I started to realize that God really has taught me some valuable lessons and I could share those lessons and encourage others who need a lift or may be struggling… “But how Lord?” I asked. “My health is so nutty that I can’t commit to anything. I’m inconsistent Lord… I miss family events, church…. You already know this Lord”. Ah, the audacity we have with the Good Lord sometimes. I mean really?! It’s not like He doesn’t already have a great plan in store. I still don’t know how, but He planted this Blog business in my head, and my heart. My heart’s desire is to help folks however I can so, I prayed, and thought, and explored. I talked to family and in particular said to my sister that I really feel led to do this Blog thing “but how do you do that?!”

When Covid came along people worried, feared, prayed, fought and the whole world seemed to turn upside down. And my doctors shut me down… no church, no visiting, no shopping, nothing. One doctor told me straight…”I fear for your life if you get covid”. (Not an easy thing to hear). My hubby and I did everything we could to keep ourselves well and thank the Lord, we have both been protected thus far.

Throughout this quarantine time I’ve realized how very HARD it is on folks who are shut in all the time. The feelings of fear and isolation can overwhelm even the strongest faith. Being shut in takes a toll … a hard toll, on the heart, the head and the health! I hope this Blog can encourage folks and show folks that there is always Hope. There is always a loving Father who wants to love and support us throughout the hard times as well as the good. He grants us peace, endurance, strength, and even humor to face each minute of each day.

Thank you again for reading my story! I hope you will visit regularly and maybe even share your story and/or prayer requests. I truly hope we can build a community of encouragement and support through hard times. Never forget: You are not alone! God knows you. He loves you. He is always with you. And He has what you need to get through this.

I’m looking forward to this adventure with you and to see how God gets you through!

Blessings! Kim